Monday, September 29, 2008


I noticed a few weeks ago when I went to the High School to drop something off for one of the boys that all 4 branches of the Armed Forces had tables set up in the common area. Then tonight I received a phone call from a US Marines recruiter asking for Brett. I asked him what he wanted with my son and he said he wanted to talk to him about his plans after high school. I told him that he was planning to attend college. Evidently sensing my displeasure, he then said OK and that he would catch up with him at school. If any of my kids decide to join the military, I will support that. Am I alone in thinking that this is a tad bit inappropriate for them to be setting up camp at the high schools and talking to minors without the consent of their parents? I realize that we are in a time of war but until they institute a draft, the military is just another job. I didn't see anyone there from the local grocery or the local carpenters union or from the McDonalds. Do you want fries or bullets with that?


edwardnbella said...

I would call the school and see what their policy is on having those people in the school. It's bullshit. However, boys are supposed to sign up with selective service when they turn 18.

Tiff said...

Does he have any interest in the military

flo said...

Slight interest in the Air Force. But if that is what he chooses then we will take him to talk to a real recruiter not some stalker at the high school, promising kids that they will be stationed in Tahiti or Hawaii.