Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Interesting Afternoon

So I'm standing in my kitchen on the phone with my mom and I'm looking out into my backyard because my dogs are very entertaining. The backyards of the houses on the next street and my backyard are separated by a creek\drainage ditch and fences. I notice something that is quite out of the ordinary, so I went out into the yard for closer inspection... there was a naked man standing in the backyard directly across from mine. It is an older man and he has on only a pair of shorts, which he has down around his knees. I waited for just a minute to make sure that I wasn't seeing things or if maybe he was urinating but he just stood there looking around like it was a perfectly natural thing to be doing. So I said "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" His reply to this question is to quickly pull up his shorts and run towards his house. I went inside and called the non-emergency police number and asked them if this was something that someone would normally be allowed to do in their yard and explained that I have several kids running around. The police came, I showed them where to go and they came back with this - He is an older gentleman that is now living with his son because he is evidently losing his ability to distinguish between right and wrong. I think he knows right and wrong because he pulled his pants up pretty quickly when I said something to him! Anyway, I feel very sorry for the son. The police said that he was very apologetic. And I feel sorry for myself because I have enough trouble sleeping at night without that old man's ass burnt into my memory.


edwardnbella said...

You know you want him

Tiff said...

I was going to say exactly what Kris said before I saw her comment. HA HA