Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Mirror Has Many Faces

I recently put "25 Random Things About Sondra" on facebook. I am going to put them here. Then, as an extra treat for those of you that know me well, I'm going to add some things that aren't quite so white-washed, ya know, WHAT I REALLY THINK.
1. I was born in Kansas City, MO
2. I love to read. Anything non-fiction.
3. I would die without music.
4. Chad and my husband are tied in the race to be my best friend.
5. I have profound gratitude to my husband for giving me the absolute privilege of staying home with my kids.
6. I am surrounded by kids all of the time. I have three and am very close to my seven nieces and nephews. I have to do 'head counts' on a regular basis.
7. My kids and I run a fireworks stand at the lake every summer.
8. There are still people that call me Flo, including my husband.
9. My husband is NOT related to any of the McClungs in Eureka but Jim Magee is his cousin.
10. I miss my oldest brother terribly. Not a day goes by...
11. I have been vacationing in Mexico for about 6 years and love to snorkel.
12. I have four dogs.
13. I have wonderful in-laws and feel very lucky that my kids have such wonderful grandparents that are a very big part of daily life.
14. I am 100,000 times happier with my life than I ever thought I would be.
15. I believe that we have no idea how much time we have and if life is not 75% good, you must change it for the better.
16. I would rather be sweating like a pig than be cold.
17. My closest friends have been with me since High School and I think that is spectacular.
18. My daughter and I love to watch Horror Movies together. The cheesier, the better.
19. We spent our 10th Wedding Anniversary in New Orleans a few years ago. It is an amazing city.
20. One of my dogs got hit by a car on Christmas Day 2007, she is now a three legged wiener.
21. I think sleep is a waste of time and have passed this on to my daughter. arrrgh.
22. I would like to go to more Royals games this year.
23. I have WAY too many pairs of tennis shoes.
24. I am addicted to RockStar Roasted Light.
25. I have to go take the girls to Basketball....

26. I love cats. DEAD ONES.
27. I have no tolerance for racism. It makes me f-ing sick to my stomach.
28. I have only slightly more tolerance for ignorant people. If you are stupid, it is not your fault. Ignorance, however, is a choice.
29. Some days I think I drink too much, some days, too little.
30. I believe in Karma and cackle like a crazy person when I see her in action.


Kris said...

yeah, I was going to do the 25 list...may still, but I would definitely have to censor it... I like your additions!

Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

My dad killed our cat Fred because he was evil. I don't think I have liked cats since

Kris said...

actually, I think if I were you, I would add those other ones.. they are not that bad!