Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who knew cleaning the cobwebs out of my computer would lead me to discover that Canyon has been hiding a talent....

Where I’m from: By Canyon McClung

I’m from white beached whales, dark chocolate Yoo-Hoo, and very bitter salt. I am from the bottom of the house, pitch black, damp, and very scary. I am from an ever-green tree and the needles that fall from it.

I’m from overflowing parties and crowds watching the big screen. And from stuffed stomachs at dinner and a silent house after. I am from blue-eyed ring-tailed lemurs and walking catfish.

I am from wide open doors to any and everything I want. I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas and Scotland, and the best hamburgers in the world. From the freedom of my mothers heart and the laughter of my brothers jokes, and the labor of my fathers work.

(He insists that it isn't good... I think it is wonderful. I can identify with everything in it, tell you where he got each thing but at the same time, it is abstract. Because I know him, it conjures images of Grandpa telling the story about walking catfish, the first night he slept in his new room in the basement, birthday parties with Tony's huge family, how he helped me perfect my hamburger recipe....)

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Ang said...

Loved it! He has talent and we all know where that came from.