Friday, February 27, 2009

Quiz for the GIRLS....

1. Whose name could Kris be frequently heard to insert into the song 'Animal' by Def Leppard?

2. What song did Tiff make up a stupid dance to?

3. Whose driveway were we in when I puked all over the side of Tiff's Datsun? (See question 4)

4. Who makes the best Rum and Cokes in the whole damn world?

5. What was our Pit Bull's name and why..?

6. What did Angie and I use to fix her radiator?


bella said...

1. you bitch...

2. Pour some sugar on me

3. Tanya's mom

4. see above

5. shitter?

6. gum

flo said...

1. Yes, I am a bitch. Let's just leave it at that, as not to embarrass anyone.
2. I Want Your Sex
3. Lori Scroggins
4. Tanya's Mom
5. Casey Cahoon named her Bud, which was short for Affie Bud, which he was inhaling at the time.
6. Gum

Tanya said...

1. Hope it wasn't mine.
2. Tiff, Kathy and I did that stupid dance, many thousands of times. How about "Cunt, quief, womb, felt, lush, cum, fucked, hair, trashed!
3.Didn't everybody puke on my mom's rum and cokes at some point?
4.My Mom