Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Show Must Go On...

We drove down to the lake Friday night and I was very much hoping to be feeling well enough to keep my Saturday Celebration City promise to 4 of my best buddies in the world. I was feeling so bad Friday night that I forgot my camera AND my iPod, two things I rarely leave home without.
Saturday Morning Vital Statistics:
Temp: 102.1
Tissue Usage: 12\hour
Total Ear Infections: 2
Nerves Remaining: 1
Total Doe-Eyed Sweeties smiling at me: 4

I tell my mother in law that I will require her to drive but that I will attempt the trip. Worse case scenario, I end up asleep in the parking lot! As it turned out, I couldn't have slept if I had tried. In order to deliver on my promise, I ingested 800 mgs of Ibuprofen, 1-12 hr Sudafed, Antibiotic, 16 oz. of Electrolyte infused water and a double dose of that shit that killed Elvis.* I then repeated this ingestion again 6 hours later, minus the Electrolyte water. I could have lifted the car off of several perilous loved ones in a single bound. I could have, but luckily all I had to do was keep up with the kids for 12 hours. It turned out really well for them. Jack commented that I was funny when I was sick... Just Say No, Jack. Just Say No. Things didn't turn out so well for me this morning when I woke up. I no longer felt like I could lift a car, rather that I had been hit by one.

*This statement is based strictly on mainstream societal belief and in no way reflects my personal opinion about the death of Elvis.


Tiff said...

You are such a trooper....the kids love you

edwardnbella said...

Sondra can be
snotty or sneezy
and maybe even
a little bit queasy,
infectious and in pain,
and maybe even
a little bit insane
but she will not refrain
from giving her Sweeties
a chance to go roller-coastering
and toss up their Wheaties.

flo said...

Awesome! Perfect! Hilarious!