Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lyrical Madness

I have noticed on a couple of award shows that this Lynyrd Skynyrd thing that Kid Rock has done seems to be very popular. I am not going to go in to the long and drawn out opinion that I have of Kid Rock or Lynyrd Skynyrd. I am a very firm believer in listening to any and all types of music and far be it from me to criticise anything that someone might choose to listen to. (I hope that I managed to infer that I despise both Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd without offending anyone that may have been bred from two cousins.) I gave it a listen, maybe to try and understand the appeal. A particular line struck me. There hasn't been a more stupid line written in a song since "She's got it going on like Donkey Kong"(paraphrasing there, have no idea how the actual line is written). "We didn't have no Internet, but man I never will forget the way the moonlight shined across her hair". WTF does the Internet have to do with a girls hair? Break away from the herd, people. I'm begging you.
Honorable mention: I do like the song Lonely Road of Faith. Don't know why. It definitely isn't the lyrics, as faith has been a very elusive creature in my life.

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