Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Few Psychotic Apples Spoil The Bunch

I have no shopping incidents to report this year. Past experiences have included people walking up and just taking things out of my cart, that has happened several times actually, and one time I was standing in an aisle waiting for people to move so I could get through and a lady just started hitting my cart with hers. I guess she thought that would make everyone move faster if we knew there was a ticking time bomb in our midst. I get hit in the Achilles by the front of shopping carts every year. There are always the assholes that pull up right when the doors open, get out of the car and just walk right up to the door when there are 500 people that have been standing in line, some of them for hours. If the obscenities being hurled at them by the crowd are any indication, I'm sure it's these people that create the incidents that lead to injuries. Black Friday is not for the meek.

Everyone that shops on Black Friday is not crazy. I, for example, have 10 kids to buy Christmas presents for and unless I want to get them a nice stocking full of fruit, I have to try to get things at a good price. Example: I bought Jack a Crayola Glow Station, they are normally $30, I got it for $15 yesterday. I got $40 throw blankets that the older girls all want for $8. I got Magee a $70 pair of boots for $20.

Money, yes, it is the new religion. And the moguls of the Money Monarchy have become the priests and popes of this irrational age of corporate planetary domination and destruction. Yes, world bankers and trans-national corporate executives are the true religious leaders. Why? Because the highest, most esteemed calling is high finance. Whole nations are caught up in it. It has become the wishful will of the world and money, the worshipped god. The Wall Street Journal is the Bible, the bank is the cathedral and the people are the parish — and they will perish. They will perish because this religion of money seduces people into schemes and dreams of riches and doing in anyone who might get in the way.
- Wulf Zendik-


Tiff said...

You know I was going to mention on Kris's blog that you are the one exception for Black are a good aunt and mom and I know you want everyone to have a nice Christmas

edwardnbella said...

If only every Black Friday shopper had that same attitude! Apparently, there was a fist fight at the Berryville Wal Mart over a stupid TV!!!