Saturday, August 30, 2008

Self Esteem...

is probably the most powerful force in the universe. The presence of it can help you accomplish great things and provide you with the tools to make even your wildest dreams come true. The lack of it can be more destructive than any hurricane. The lack of self esteem can leave your life battered on the shore. A mirror that would allow us to see ourselves as those who love us see us could mend even the most broken of hearts and reassemble the most shattered of lives. Human nature is to let the most horrible things that happen to us define who we are instead of letting those things make us stronger. There are people in my life that may not know how important they are to me and I would love to give them all that mirror that lets them see themselves through my eyes. Through my eyes, they are the world. Through my eyes, they are my survival, my life preserver. Through my eyes, they are more important than money and material things. Without them, my heart would be broken and my life would be shattered.

To quote a great friend of mine - "Tell the truth. All of the time."

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Tiff said...

I love you so much